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The Broderick Family

Joseph “Jesse” Broderick 

Jesse (?), Jane, Harriet (?), and David
Jesse (?), Jane, Harriet (?), and David

Joseph “Jesse” Broderick was born August 12, 1812 in England.  He married Mary Ann Bycraft in St. Margaret Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England.  Mary Ann was born in 1809 to Simon Bycraft and Elizabeth Carwell.  Together, they immigrated to New York with their son, David on the ship, Emmanuel.  They arrived June 4, 1844.  Jesse listed his occupation as tailor in the 1861 Canadian census record living in St. Catharines, Lincoln, Canada.  He belonged to the Wesleyan Methodist church.  Jesse died August 9, 1901 and is buried in St. Thomas West.

Jesse Broderick headstone
Jesse Broderick headstone

Simon Bycraft was born March 24, 1771 in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England.  He married Elizabeth Carwell, May 20, 1793 in St. Guthlac, Crowland, Lincolnshire, England.  Elizabeth was born about 1771 in Moulton, England.  Simon died July 13, 1838 in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England.  Elizabeth died April 1851 in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England.[1]

David Edmund Broderick

David Edmund BroderickDavid Edmund Broderick was born before 1850.  He arrived in New York with his parents on June 4, 1844[2].  He was the son of a Baptist minister.  He married and had two sons, James, and Frank.  The boys were about 3 and 5 years old, when he married Jane Mosher,[3] October 25. 1860 in Kingston, Canada.   Jane was an identical twin and she and her sister loved to fool their boy friends about who was who.

David Broderick
Standing: Jim, Harriet, May, Frank, Harry. Seated: Nettie, Lila, David (father), Effie, and Jane (mother). On floor: Elmore and David.
  1. James Broderick,
  2. Frank Broderick                                               
  3. Harriet Broderick
  4. May Broderick
  5. Harry Broderick
  6. Nettie Broderick
  7. Effie Broderick
  8. Dave Broderick
  9. Edwin Broderick was born April 24,
    The Broderick sisters

    1871 and died almost a month later on May 14 in Haldimand, Ontario, Canada.

  10. Lila May Broderick was born May 26, 1873 in Caledonia, Ontario, Canada. Lila married Andrew William Mann and they had a daughter, Muriel Mary Mann.
  11. Elmore Harris Broderick.

    David E Broderick headstone
    David E Broderick headstone

Elmore Harris  Broderick

Elmore H. BroderickElmore Harris Broderick was born March 25, 1879 in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.[4]  He married Grace Harriet Guinnop March 18, 1904 in Jackson, Calhoun County, Michigan[5].  Grace was born October 12, 1883 in Mason, Le Roy County, Michigan.[6]

Elmore, Grace and their daughter, Natalle were always moving.  He worked as a clerk for the Michigan Central Railroad in 1903.  In 1905, he worked as a stone inspector for the railroad.  He worked for Joliet Tire Works in Joliet, Illinois, as a manager for Horse Shoe Stone Quarries in St. Mary’s, Ontario,[7] a service station attendant in Battle Creek, Michigan, a supervisor for the Butterick Publishing Co., in New York City.  He finally found his career in the newspaper business in circulation.  He worked for many newspapers, including the Lansing Capitol News, the Herald Post in Louisville, Kentucky from 1928 to 1929[8]. He refused to work for a Hearst paper.  At the end of World War II, he stayed at the newspaper until well after midnight, waiting for news of the armistice.

Natalle, Grace and Elmore
Natalle, Grace and Elmore

In May of 1929, he packed up his family and drove cross country to California, where he was circulation manager of the Santa Ana Times and then the Long Beach Sun.  In 1931, he got restless again and moved back to Michigan were he worked as a night engineer for the City National Bank.  In 1935, it was back across the country to California to work for the News Post in Monrovia.  In 1942, Elmore registered for the draft.  He stated that he lived at 130 N. Ivy, Monrovia.  He retired in the 1940’s in Monrovia and later, he and Grace moved to Oceanside, California to be near his daughter and her family.  Grace died October 4, 1960 and Elmore passed away December 27, 1960.  They are buried at Eternal Hills Cemetery, Oceanside, California.elmore-and-grace-headstone

Natalle Francis Broderick

Natalle Francis Broderick was born December 25, 1909 in St. Mary’s Ontario, Canada.[9] One day when she was a very young child, she picked up a glass of beer and drank the foam off the top.  She was known as “Bubbles” or “Bubs” for the rest of her life.   Natalle worked as a cashier for Walgrens Drug Store in Battle Creek, Michigan, J. C. Penney’s and in Monrovia, California.  In September of 1938, Natalle married Claude W. Purbaugh.  They were divorced in May of 1940.  In 1942[10], she went to work for the Bank of America, working her way to head teller before she resigned in 1949.

In 1948, she met Harold “Red” Guild de Crevecoeur.  Friends had been tring to get the couple together for sometime.  When they finally met for coffee at a friend’s diner in Monrovia, Bubbles told Red that she would “love to run her fingers through his hair.”  They were married July 31, 1949 in Las Vegas, California.  In 1952, they moved to Oceanside, California, where they bought Buddy’s brother-in-law’s chicken business. In the early 1960’s the business began to fail and he returned to roofing for a few years.  He then went to work at Camp Pendleton for about 15 years, retiring as an asphalt plant operator.  He and Bubbles moved to Anza in 1975.  Bubbles died June 22, 1977[11] Red remarried in March of 1980 and died June 30, 1980.[12]  They are both buried in Eternal Hills Cemetery, Oceanside, California next to Grace and Elmore Broderick.

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