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Richard Gylde

The birth of Richard Gylde is unknown, but a transcript of the Wilby (Suffolk, England) registers list that Richard Gylde of Weybread and Margery Jorden married there on November 10, 1607.  Margery was born April 24, 1572 in Brundish, Suffolk.   It is believed that Richard died between 1616 and 1628.  The same parish records show the baptism records for John, James and Samuel.  Margery died January 24, 1629 in Wilby.  On March 18, 1629, her will was administered.

“Testator directs:
To my son John Gilde – my apparel, both linen and Woollen, except some articles which I have disposed to others. My friend William Goldinge and Elizabeth his wife know what they are.Residue of my estate to be divided between my two sons John and Samuell, who are to be my executors.Testratrix signed X. Witnesses: William Goldinge, Peter Fasset.Bequests of clothes to Christian Warne; Susan, wife of Henry Welton; andElizabeth, wife of William Goldinge.Will proved at Beccles by John Gilde, with power reserved for Samuel Gilde,the other executor.”[1]

The children of Richard and Margery:

  1. Samuel Guile (b. 1618, d.February 21, 1682/83, Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts
  2. John Guild (b. abt. 161, England, d. October 4, 1682, Dedham, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts
  3. James Gilde (d. Bet. 1610-1616, Ilketshall, St. Margaret Co., Suffolk, England
  4. Ann Guild (b. abt. 161, England, d. March 29, 1673, Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts

John Guild

John Guild was born in England, perhaps about 1616. According to research by John Charles Gile, he may possibly have been baptized at Ilketshall, St. Margaret, Suffolk, England, on 30 November 1609, son of Richard and probably Margery (Jorden) Gylde[2].  John Guild is said to have come to America in 1636 with his brother Samuel and sister, Ann aboard the maiden voyage of the Hector.  Unfortunately, there are no passenger records for that voyage. However, records do show that 2 ships arrived in Boston in 1636

On November 17, 1636, 2 ships arrived from London, names unknown, “full of passengers.”  One of them had been 26 weeks from the Thames, and 18 weeks from land to land.  Their beer all spent and leaked out a month before their arrival, so as they were forced to stinking water (and that very little) mixed with sack or vinegar,  and their other provisions very short and bad.  Yet, through the great providence of the Lord, they came safe on shore, and most of them sound and well liking.  One of the ships was overset  in the night by a sudden gust, and lay so far ½ hour, yet righted itself.[3]

John married at Dedham on 24 June 1645 Elizabeth Cooke,[4] who died at Dedham on 31 August 1669.[5]  Elizabeth was probably (but not certainly) the daughter of Roger and Sarah (___) Crooke of Hammersmith, Middlesex County, England, baptized at St. Clement Danes on 19 July 1618.[6]  Elizabeth’s sister, Rebecca lived at Roxbury, Massachusetts, and Elizabeth transferred her church membership from Roxbury to Dedham after her marriage (see below).

Ann Guild married at Dedham on 16 March 1638[/9?] James Allen, and they had children there from 1639 through 1648.

Samuel, however, his name usually spelled “Guile,” lived at Newbury and Haverhill. Calvin Guild says that he was “admitted a freeman in 1642, but did not long remain in Dedham.”[7]  Yet there is no evidence that he was admitted freeman as a resident of Dedham. In fact, John Charles Gile’s very recent study of his family, quoting from Charles Burleigh’s genealogy of the Samuel Guile family, says that “in 1640 he was one of the twelve who settled Pentucket, now known as Haverhill. He was made a Freeman by the General Court in 1642. . . .,” on 18 May.[8]

John was admitted to the church at Dedham on 17 July 1640.  In 1640 John bought “twelve acres of upland on which he built a house that was occupied by himself and descendants for more than two hundred years.”  Besides a grant of three roods and twelve rods, he had other grants in Dedham and owned land in Wrentham, Medfield and Natick.[20 “He never held any office, and the town records show his attendance at town meeting but once in several years, and then on an occasion of considerable excitement in relation to making alterations and additions to the meetinghouse.” 21] However, he was among those signing on 1 January 1644[/5?], saying they would support a free school in Dedham, the first free school in New England.[22 John’s will, dated 3 October 1682, gave his three children, Samuel, John and Elizabeth all his wearing apparell. Elizabeth also received two cows, his bed and chest and its contents, his “land lying near the Falls, in the dividend called Natick Dividend. . . and one booke of Mr. Burroughs, called Gospel Conversation.” John was given all his land in Wrentham, a lot in “Meadfield Dividend,” his looms, “four sleays” and “one wheel w’th ye blades” as well as a book called “Sound Believer.” His houselot went to son Samuel, plus land on Wigwam Plain, meadows at Fowle Meadows, eight acres at Ragged Plaine and all common rights in lands. Witnessed by Nathaniel Sterns and Thomas Metcalf, it was proved on 3 November 1682. His inventory, dated 4 November 1682, totalled £153 11s. John’s autograph appears at the end of Burleigh’s transcription.[ uilt a house that was occupied by himself and descendants for more than two hundred years.”[9]   John’s house was on East Street in Dedham.[10]  John died at Dedham, Massachusetts, on 4 October 1682.[11]

  1. Samuel Guild (1647-1730)
  2. John Guild (1649-1723)
  3. Eliezer Guild (1653-1655)
  4. Ebenezer Guild (1657-1661)
  5. Elizabeth Guild (1660-1740)
  6. Benjamin Guild (1662-1682). 

Samuel Guild

Samuel Guild was born November 7, 1647 in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts.  His parents were John Guild and Elizabeth Crooke.  Samuel married Mary Woodcock September 29, 1676 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts. [12]  Samuel was Deputy to the General Court.  He served in King Philip’s War in 1675, an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants of present-day New England and English colonists and their Native American allies in 1675–78. The war is named after the main leader of the Native American side, Metacomet, known to the English as “King Philip.  Mary Woodcock died in 1703.  Samuel Guild died January 1, 1730.

  1. Samuel Guild (1677-1750)
  2. Nathaniel Guild (1678-1774)
  3. Mary Guild (1681-1768)
  4. John Guild (1683-1684)
  5. Israel Guild (1690-1766)
  6. Ebenezer Guild (1692-1774)
  7. Joseph Guild (1694-1751)
  8. Elizabeth Guild (1697-)  

Samuel Guild

Samuel Guild Jr., son of Samuel and Mary (Woodcock) Guild, born in Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts Oct. 12, 1677, married, Jan. 8, 1700-1, Sarah Hartshorn. She was born in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts in 1679 to Sarah Burt and Joseph Hartshorn. He moved from Dedham to Windham, Windham, Connecticut, about 1714 thence to Lebanon, New London, Connecticut in 1716, where he died May 29, 1750, leaving the following will:

In the name of God amen, The 6th day of February 1748-9, I, Samuel Guild, of Lebanon, in the County of Windham, Connecticut Colony, in New England, being sick and weak in body, but of sound mind and memory, thanks be given to God; therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament: That is to say, principally and first of all, I give and recommend to earth to be buried in decent Christian burial, at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God; and as touching such earthly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

 Imprimas,— i give and bequeath to Sarah my dearly beloved wife, the sum ot twenty five pounds in bills of publick credit, of the old tenor, making good to her the discount or sink of s’d bills of credit to be levied out of my estate, togather with all my household goods, debts, and movable effects, and likewise my dwelling house, that is to say that part of it which I built, exclusive from the other part which my son Samuel built for himself, to be improved by her during her natural life; and furthermore, so much cyder and apples out of my part of the orchard, as shall be needful for her support during her natural life. Likewise to be allowed a sufficiency of fire wood.

Item,— I give to my well beloved son Samuel Guild, my cane with which I used to walk, or in lieu thereof twenty shillings of ye tenor.

Item,— I give to the heirs of my well beloved son Jeremiah Guild, deceased: in the first place I give to my well beloved granddaughter Cynthia Guild, daughter

of ye aboves Jeremiah Guild, the sum of five pounds, old tenor.

Item,— I give Mary Guild, daughter of said Jeremiah Guild, the sum of five pounds, old tenor.

Item,— I give Samuel Guild son of the aboves” Jeremiah Guild, the sum of five pounds in bills of credit of the old tenor.

Item,— I give to my grandson, Jeremiah Guild, son to said Jeremiah Guild, deceased, the sum of five pounds in bills of publick credit of the old tenor.

Item,— I likewise give all the remainder of my estate which I have not already given and disposed of, in this my last will and testament, to my five daughters; that is to say, to my well beloved daughter Sarah, the wife of James Wright ; to my well beloved daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Lyman; to Phebe my well beloved daughter, the wife of Samuel Woodward; to my well beloved daughter Elizabeth, the wife of John Sweatland ; to my well beloved daughter Abigail, wife of Benjamin Abel; which estate hereby given to these my daughters, here above named, shall be equally divided between them, each one having an equal proportion. Again, I likewise constitute, make and ordain my trusty and well beloved sons-in-law, James Wright and Samuel Woodward, to be my executors of this my last will and testament; and I do hereby disannul, revoke and disallow all and every other former wills, testaments, legacy and bequests executed by me in any ways before named, willed, and bequeathed, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and Samuel Guild. declared by the said Samuel Guild as his last will and testament, in the presence of us the subscribers, Jacob Spoford, Robert Bennett, Wm. Lines.

Children :

  1. Samuel III b. Nov. 19, 1701 and died young.
    2. Sarah b. Dec. 26, 1702
    3. Samuel IV b. Sept. 27, 1704
    4. Mary b. July 25, 1707; d. July 4,
    5. Jeremiah b. July 3, 1711
    6. Phebe b. April 26, 1713
    7. Elizabeth b. Oct. 6, 1716|8. Abigail b. June 19, 1721[13] 

Samuel Guild

Samuel Guild was born January 3, 1743 in Middleton, Middlesex, Connecticut[14].  His parents were Samuel Guild and Sarah Hartshorn.  He married Abigail Doolittle on January 28, 1762 in Cornwell, Connecticut.[15]  Abigail was born March 27, 1743 in Middleton, Middlesex, Connecticut.[16]  Her parents were Nathaniel Doolittle and Hannah Foster.  Abigail died January 3 1813in Middleton, Middlesex, Connecticut.  Samuel died August 6. 1815 in Wethersfield, Connecticut.[17]

  1.  Mary Guild (1762-1845)
  2. Artesmia Guild (1764-1845)
  3. Felix Guild (1766-1839)
  4. Cynthia Guild (1768-1848)
  5. Jeremiah Guild (1770-1821)
  6. Elinor Evarts Guild (1772-1860)
  7. Plural Guild (1773-1776)
  8. Delancia Guild (1779-1784)
  9. Hannah Guild (1781-1802).  

Jeremiah Guild

Jeremiah Guild was born November 3, 1770 in Middleton, Middlesex, Connecticut.  He married Alice Webb (1774-1801) in 1794. Their children were Martha “Patty” Guild (1794-1870), Eliza Guild (1797-1894), Sophia Guild (1800-?).  Jeremiah married Martha May on April 18, 1802.  Martha was born in 1774 and her father was William May.  They lived in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut[18] in 1800 – 1810 and in Oxford, Butler, Ohio in 1820.  Martha died in 1832 in Oxford, Ohio.  Jeremiah died July 28, 1821.

  1.  Jeremiah Guild (1806-?
  2. Samuel Guild (1808-?)
  3. George M. Guild (1812-1886).  

George M. Guild

George M. Guild was born September 6, 1812.  His parents were Jeremiah Guild and Martha May from England.  Jeremiah was a tanner.  He immigrated to Butler County, Ohio in 1816 and died in 1820.  Martha died in 1821, leaving eight surviving children.

George was nine years old and was “put out” to a farmer.  He was so maltreated that he ran away when he was 13 years old.  He apprenticed himself to a saddle maker in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He became a journeyman in Butler County.  He moved to Wayne County, Indiana.  George experienced religion when he was 21 years old.  He studied in Dublin and was licensed to preach in the Methodist church in 1838.

He married Sarah Hull April 8, 1838 in Wayne, Indiana.  Sarah was born May 17, 1819 in Highland, Ohio.  George began teaching in 1840 and was ordained minister in 1843.  He was given a circuit of five counties.  In 1847, he built the first church in Renesselaer.  He preached for more than 40 years.  They moved to Gilliam Township, Jasper County in 1853 and to Medaryville, Pulaski County, Indiana in 1880.  George was a Methodist minister until ill health brought his retirement.  George died November 20, 1886.  Sarah died March 4, 1911 in Medaryville, Indiana.[19]

  1. Gurth Guild.
  2. Charles L. Guild was born in 1840.  At 21 years old, he was 5’ 9-1/2”, dark complexion, hazel eyes, black hair.  Charles died at the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War, April 7, 1862.  He belonged to Co. G, 9th Regt., Indiana Volunteers Infantry.  Frances Guild said, “He was the second of nine children of Rev. George Guild and Sarah (Hull) Guild.  He, I believe, planned to be a minister.  We have a letter he had written helping care for a wagon load of wounded.  As you know, he was the first soldier killed in that vicinity, therefore the G.A.R. Post was called the C. L. Guild Post.”  He is buried in the south section of the Independence Cemetery beside his parents[20]
  3. Martha C. Guild was 1843.
  4. George Stollard Guild was born January 16, 1848 in Rochester, Indiana.
  5. John H. Guild was born in 1850.
  6. James R. Guild was born in 1852.   James married Harriet C. Querry on March 26, 1876.  Harriet was born in 1858 and died in 1954.  James died in 1929.
  7. Thomas M. Guild was born in 1854 was born in Pennsylvania and came to Indiana as a child. Thomas graduated from DePauw.  He married Sarah Brown February 22, 1874.  He served 38 years in the North Indiana Conference.  Sarah died in 1920 and Thomas married Myrtle Judkins.   Thomas died in 1941.
  8. Daniel H. Guild was born March 1860 in Medaryville, Indiana.  He married Amy Loweshe Conard on September 1, 1887.   Daniel died in 1929.
  9. Jeremiah Guild was born in 1862.

George Stollard Guild

George Stollard Guild was born January 16, 1848 in Rochester, Indiana.  He married Claracy Rachel McGimpsey (McJimpsey) on May 19, 1867 in Medaryville, Indiana.  Guild and McJimpsey owned the Medaryville Livery and Feed Barn. When George’s father’s health began to fail, George purchased the family farm.  His mother and father, George and Sarah, made their home with him.  George died September 17, 1907 in Medaryville, Indiana. An excerpt from his obituary reads:

  “His last illness was caused by a strain sustained from jumping from a load of hay on Thursday, Sept. 12th, producing a clogging of the bowels.  Everything that kinds administration and medical skill could do were of no avail; he grew worse continually, his heart weakened and the final struggle was passed Tuesday morning just at the break of day.  An autopsy was held, several physicians attending, and it was pronounced a case incurable from the beginning.”

George Stoddard Guild
George Stoddard Guild headstone

In a newspaper article written at the time, the “kind administration”

included a two foot long tube and a bicycle pump.  It did relieve the blockage, however, he was so exhausted and had a pre-existing heart weakness and did not survive.

  1. Charles H. Guild.
  2. Gurthe M. Guild. Gurthe may have been a banker in Medaryville.
  3. James A. Guild.
  4. Nathan Harper Guild was born June 9, 1871 in Gilliam, Indiana.
  5. John H. D. Guild was born in 1872.   John married J. Maud Prevo.  He died in 1936.

Nathan Harper Guild

Nathan Harper GuildNathan Harper Guild was born June 9, 1871 in Gilliam, Indiana.  He married Millie Francis Massey on June 9, 1889 in Gilliam, Indiana.  According to Millie’s granddaughter, Nathan and Millie owned and managed a hotel in Medaryville, Indiana.  Nathan may have been the “black sheep” of the family.  In 1908, Nathan came out to San Francisco.  A year later in 1909, Millie and all the children came out on the train.  Millie told Midge Guild that she wasn’t used to a big city like San Francisco. She was also amazed at all the buildings with cracks from the 1906 earthquake.  In 1919, the family

Nathan Guild
The Nathan Guild Family 1935

moved to Banning, California, where Nathan was a “mule skinner”.  He drove a freight wagon.  Nathan died July 20, 1937 in Banning.  Nathan and Millie are buried in the Banning cemetery in Banning.

  1. Anna Marie Guild was born April 29, 1890 in Jasper, Indiana. She married Howard Orron Bell. Anna died March 30, 1968.
  2. Earl Eugene Guild was born September 7, 1894. He married Dorcus Gill.  Earl died December 9, 1963.
  3. Lessie Floy Guild was born June 30, 1896.
  4. Mildred “Midge” Guild was born September 23, 1900. She married Gus A. Porter.  They had one daughter, Barbara Porter.  Midge and Gus divorced and she later married Don Watson.
  5. Claude Winford Guild was born November 3, 1902 and died Nathan Guild & Millie Massey gravestoneMarch 16, 1904.
  6. George Massey Guild was born September 9, 1903. He married Daisy Grey.  George died December 21, 1973
  7. Ralph Lucien Guild was born October 18, 1905 in Jasper, Indiana. He died August 27, 1907 in Medaryville, Indiana.
  8. Kennith Clifford Guild was born October 19, 1907. He married Bernice Felts.

Lessie Floy Guild


Floy Guild
Floy’s wedding photo

Lessie Floy Guild was born June 30, 1896 in Indiana.  In 1909, she traveled with her mother and siblings to San Francisco.  Later, the family moved to Banning, California.

In 1911, she and Barton Ray Briand de Crevecoeur tried to elope.  Both were

Guild Family Reunion About 1955
Guild Family Reunion About 1955

only 15 years old.    Floy’s mother called Bart’s father, Ben de Crevecoeur, then Constable of Banning.  Ben tracked them down in Yuma and brought them home.  Upon their return, Millie said that because they had already spent the night together and they would most likely run away again, she let them get married.  In about 1921, Floy and Bart were divorced.

In 1938, Floy married Bennett “Benny” A. Babb.  She had pulled up next to him at a stoplight and remarked that she had always wondered how it would feel to kiss a man with a mustache.  Together, they owned what became one of the largest poultry breeding ranches in the west; dealing in genetically bred purebred and crossbreeds of egg producing poultry.  They sold the ranch in 1945 and retired.  Together, they traveled and finally settled for a while in Elk, California.

Benny and Floy moved to San Diego County in the early 1950’s.  They owned an avocado ranch for several years in Encinitas until Floy became ill and bedridden in the late 1960’s.  Floy died September 13, 1972.  Benny married Rocina Benz, a childhood friend in 1973.  She died in 1991 and Benny died at his home, January 26, 1996, overlooking the Pacific ocean.

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